1 x MosquitoVortexPro


It is suitable for indoor and outdoor places where the power supply can be connected, and the closed indoor effect is better.

A key touch switch, simple operation, farewell mosquitoes harassment.The power grid is specially designed for electric shock of mosquitoes, so you can use it safely and securely.The powerful turbine wind sucks the mosquitoes and locks them to the mosquito storage box with nowhere to escape.

It can imitate the carbon dioxide released by the human body to lure mosquitoes during work.Using mosquito’s favorite 395nm UV light wave, it attracts them in all directions at 360°.

Put it beside the bed,not disturbed by mosquitoes.

Low decibel work, peace of mind and good sleep.Physically killing mosquitoes, non-toxic, harmless and environmentally friendly, both adults and babies can use it with confidence.Very portable, can be placed or hung.Easy to disassemble and clean.

If you want to put an attractant, it can be vegetable and fruit peels or other mosquitoes like it.